Who I Am

I am Adam, hiding with Eve.
I am Cain, angry, feeling rejected.
I am Sarah, laughing to myself at God’s promise.
I am David, weeping over mistakes.
I am Jonah, fleeing my responsibilities.
I am Job, asking God, “Why?”
I am Martha busy, busy—too busy.
I am Peter who sinks; Peter who boasts; Peter who denies.
I am the Prodigal Son.
I am greedy Ananias, and lying Sapphira.
I am Saul, the murderer.
I am John Mark, the timid.

Then I remember I am forgiven, restored, and accepted because your blood has CHANGED who I am. Thank you, Lord.

3 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Oh this is good stuff! Reminding me how the people of the Bible aren’t just stories and how they are relevant to me today! FYI will be sharing this as a tool of encouragement!

  2. Love how you give such a good summary of so many people from the Bible who are just like me. You are a true Bible reader and student.

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